Hi, I'm Greg Surbey and I'm running for State House Rep. to serve my neighbors in Nashua, Ward 6, District 24. I believe the paramount issue today in New Hampshire is the economy. We have lost jobs during this economic downturn and we need a legislative body that will take corrective action to reverse this trend.

Audio Podcasts

Greg Surbey Interviewed On Peter Silva's The People's Voice Radio Show (06-22-2010)

An Excellent Run In 2010

This last Nov. 2nd I just barely didn't quite make it into the State House. I achieved 917 votes and the winning goal was 990 votes; making for a difference of just 73 votes. This was a great result for a first time run in Nashua's notoriously tough Ward 6. I intend to keep this momentum going and run again in 2012.

Good Discussions At Sunday's "Meet Greg Surbey" Event

Last Sunday Brett Powell's Nashua Weekly Liberty Discourse hosted a “Meet Greg Surbey” event.  This was a wonderful early turnout with about ten people or so.  Two current NH State Reps, Michael McCarthy and Carl Seidel, were present.  It was a lively discourse with many hard questions posed to me and I think I answered them well.  I w

Attending Nashua City Aldermen's "Vision 2020"

Last Saturday I went to the Nashua City Aldermen's "Vision 2020" meeting in my ward/district held during the morning.  Everyone from the community who came out had a chance to speak about the issues most important to them related to what they'd like to see the city of Nashua doing in the future.  At least that is how it's supposed to work in theory, but in practice not very many of the true representative citizenry keep up to date about these events or have time/inclination to attend.  This means that a lot of times the people who actually do come out will unfortunately have some vested int

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